10 Tips For Medicating Colds and Flu Safely During Pregnancy


Knowing how to effectively treat ailments while pregnant without compromising the health of your baby can be a source of worry for many moms. Put your mind at ease with these top tips.

Colds And Flu During Pregnancy
Common colds and flu are viral infections and are usually self limiting. Once you develop flu symptoms:

  1. Get plenty of rest, stay home and keep warm
  2. Drink lots of fluids to replace water lost through sweating
  3. Drink fresh orange juice, which contains vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps to protect your cells and boosts your immunity
  4. Use saline drops or sprays for nasal congestion
  5. Moisten your air passages by using a humidifier or covering your head with a towel as you breathe in the steam from a bowl of hot water
  6. Take paracetamol for a temperature or general aches and pains, but avoid over-the counter cold and flu medication. There are also a number of homeopathic medications that are safe to use during pregnancy, especially at the onset of symptoms.
  7. For flu with a fever, aching body, sore throat and a bit of extra mucus, Oscillococinum works wonders. Dissolve one vial of granules in your mouth three times a day.
  8. For a postnasal drip resulting in an intermittent cough with phlegm, use Pulsatilla/Stannum Met 6ch. Take one dose every three to four hours.
  9. Belladonna 30ch is great for a fever. Take one dose every two to four hours until your temperature returns to normal.
  10. For a runny nose that is clear and mostly watery, try Nat Mur 6ch. Take one dose every three to four hours.



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