How To Give Your Kids Self Confidence – 0 to 2Years

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Raising Babies – 0 to 6 Months

How to Develop Self Confidence in Kids Age 0 – 6 months

This is a period of time where grown-ups are most focused on a baby’s physical needs. Hunger, thirst, nappy changes and sleep dominate routines, but that also influences baby emotionally. The need to feel secure is a running theme through all stages of childhood,

Confidence building Activities

There’s this great phrase: ‘from a secure base’; children will go out and explore and be adventurous if they feel secure and loved at home. Their dependency on you never decreases, but it becomes more tolerable to them. If they have a strong sense of self in relation to their parents, a sense of connectedness, then they will feel more comfortable pushing their boundaries.”

Self confidence tips

Developing a strong bond with your baby at this time will lay the foundations for confidence building. Wear them in a sling when you can and respond to their needs promptly and consistently. Don’t worry if some days you are lacking in patience or can’t be as quick to help baby as you would like – it’s the dominant pattern of behavior that’s important, not that odd time when you might drop the ball.

How To Increase Self Confidence in Kids Age 12 – 18 months

How To Improve ConfidenceConfidence Building Activities

When children start walking they become more adventurous in their minds also, But they still need to know they are safe. They will wander within sight of their mum or dad, returning periodically as if they’re on an invisible leash.”

Give Them The Opportunity To Improve Self Confidence

This is a great opportunity to allow your new toddler some independence in a safe environment. Firstly, child-proof your house: move any objects that are a height they can grab, put covers over plug sockets and pad any furniture corners they could bump their head on. This will remove some of the tension from the house, giving your little one more freedom to explore and you the emotional space to enjoy these new

Self Confidence Tips

Make sure rules are as consistent as possible. This can be difficult as a friend’s home, play center, daycare etc. will all have different rules, but if you apply them evenly in each setting then your toddler will learn. They should know how far they can wander, for example and whether it’s okay to get messy.

Best Way To Raise Confident Kids Age 18 – 24 months

Best Ways to Improve Confidence In Toddlers

raising-confident-kids-age-18-24-months-e1459615395751-1Self Image

As they approach two, children begin to develop more of a sense of their independent self. This is why two-year old’s can be so difficult, They’re still dependent on you for so much, but they want to be independent and are starting to see themselves as a separate person.

Learning Self Respect

This is also the stage where children begin to apply value judgements to themselves. Your child is trying to push their boundaries and this is normal, If you tell them they’re being naughty, they will begin to believe it and this will impact on their self-esteem and confidence when they’re older.

Building Self Confidence

Instead, talk to your child and help them solve problems themselves. Offer them alternatives. For example, if they want to climb the big climbing frame don’t tell them they can’t, instead say, Do you think this small one might be better for now? or if they want to jump from the top step say, Why don’t we try it from halfway down first?” This way you are encouraging them to make a good decision themselves, rather than feeding them commands.

We must always remember that children meet different milestones at different times, emotionally as well as physically. Knowing your child and how to respond to them in a way that doesn’t stimulate anxiety is really important. Remember, what works for a friend won’t necessarily work for your family.


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