Nature vs Nurture – Anxiety in Children

Anxiety in Children

What Causes Anxiety in Children

Anxiety in ChildrenSigmund Freud, famed neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis, strongly believed children were born a blank canvas. He felt that early childhood relationships and experiences shaped the adult, anxious or otherwise.

However, recent research has refuted this. Dr Jerome Kagan, a professor of psychology at Harvard, believes there is a genetic influence that introduces anxiety; in other words, some children are born with it.

Other studies have also shown that children push the boundaries of behavior as a way of helping them figure out who they are. If you have a child who seems quiet and timid, who doesn’t want to jump of the climbing frame or go fast on the roundabout, it might actually indicate they feel secure and have a strong sense of what they like and dislike.

It’s widely accepted today that both nature and nurture have a role in a kids developing temperament and the advice is clear: play to your son or daughter’s strengths, support their interests and make sure they feel wanted and secure. Perhaps they will always be a little nervous, but this isn’t such a bad thing. Adele, Johnny Depp and even Abraham Lincoln admitted to suffering from nervous dispositions, which in some way have contributed to their success.

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