The Easy Way To Stress Free Weaning


Stress Free Weaning

Most babies that are eating adequate nutritional food in the second year of life feed on average from the breast two to three times a day. Weaning your baby from breastfeeds should be done slowly over a couple of weeks. You can wean abruptly, but this usually results in sore, full, engorged breasts.

If there is a good reason to do it quickly, then it is advised to take medication prescribed by a doctor to help decrease the prolactin levels in your body. That’s the hormone that produces milk. Your breasts will feel full at first. Do breastcare regularly: gentle massage in the shower or bath to ensure a comfortable process. The dose of medication can be repeated if necessary. Within a few days your breasts will feel softer.

However, gentle weaning is really the easiest, less emotional way to go. If baby is feeding during the day, replace it with a healthy snack and offer water. After a few days, replace either the morning or evening breastfeed by offering milk (full cream cows’ milk or a follow-on growth milk) in a training cup before or around the meal times. Your milk supply
will decrease with less stimulation and baby should become disinterested at the breast.

Once baby has settled after a couple of days, drop the last feed in the same way. Your breasts will settle within a couple of days, with gentle breast care, and can take up to 40 days to dry up completely.



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